Thinking of Joining “The Great Resignation?” 3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Quitting Your Job in 2021.

Sometimes the grass is greener, and others it's just a different shade of green.

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The majority of Americans are vaccinated, and cautious optimism is in the air after a year of hardship, anxiety, and devastating loss.

U.S. workers have tendered their resignations in historically high numbers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and a recent study on “The Great Resignation” trend, published on, predicts that employees will continue quitting in record numbers throughout 2021.

The healthcare and technology industries saw the highest annual increases…

There is no roadmap for dealing with the death of an absent, estranged parent.

This is odd, seeing as how roughly 25% of children in America live in a single-parent household (

The relationship I had with my father was a series of fractures, each one nearly as painful as death itself. Abandonment and estrangement are not uncommon in American society, but as far as I know, there is no protocol, no “how-to” guide for handling the emotional fallout.

The first ‘death’ is the realization that your parent cannot or will not parent, and never plans to put your needs…

Lessons learned from a Solo Female Traveler

Bocagrande, Cartegena, Colombia

I love to travel and am fortunate to have a “digital” career that allows me to do so often. In the past few years, I have been to Africa, Mexico, India, Turkey, Greece, Sri Lanka, Dubai, and Colombia.

I cannot seem to avoid the temptation of vacation dating. Vacation dating, in my experience, is neither a casual hook up nor an actual relationship. It is a facsimile of a romantic relationship, except for that the courtship, infatuation, fighting, and breakup occur at hyperspeed.

My intention when planning these trips is to experience a…

The Rule of 4s for Healthy and Efficient Weekday Meals

I lost 30 pounds a few years ago after a lifelong struggle with weight, body image, and hunger anxiety by following the same routine every Sunday.

Photo Cred Vivien Grace

I don’t subscribe to any dietary labels such as “keto,” gluten-free, vegan, etc. I am a hedonist and rebel at heart, and as soon as you tell me that I cannot have something, I want it that much more.

So I plan, prep, and follow my gut (pun intended) during weekly trips to the local grocery store.

Some people go to church on Sundays…

Want to be your own boss? Apply here.

“That’s so cool that you work for yourself! I have always wanted to do that.”

This is the standard reaction when I tell people that I started my own company six years ago. It sounds liberating and glamorous, but the reality is a bit more daunting. There are roughly 329,000,000 adults in America, and around 5,000 are Entrepreneurs. So, 2 % of us.

Are you ready to become an Entrepreneur? Here is your new job description.

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Perks Include:

You are your own boss.

You get to create a company culture and brand that you…

How One Word Sparked a Crisis

A poorly chosen word recently sparked a social media war in an affluent East Coast town. A local yoga studio owner wrote a Social Media post in which she used the word “chinky” to self-effacingly describe her eye shape. She is, to the best of my knowledge, a white woman, and not of Asian heritage.

The subtext that “chinky” aka Asian features were undesirable came across as tone-deaf and insulting, and her Social Media followers attacked her for the word choice. …

I was accused of a hate crime and arrested because of how I look.

Outspoken celebrities, political pundits, and YouTube bloggers have built profitable public personas which create a perception that Caucasian blonde women are likely to be racist.

A few highlights (or lowlights) include:

Ann Coulter, an outspoken pundit, “regularly calls for the mass expulsion and even murder of immigrants.”

Tommi Lahren has over 1.4 million followers on Twitter and a daily public forum as a host on Fox Nation’s regular programs. …

“You’re about to find out who I am!”

A random encounter with a stranger in a coffee shop led me down an emotional rabbit hole.

I am 36 and single, never married and no kids. On my better days, I am proud to describe myself as an entrepreneur, yogi, world traveler, good friend, supportive family member and overall decent human being.

While waiting eagerly in line to pick up a cold brew coffee and locally sourced croissant at my favorite hipster coffee shop, an older man in front of me struck up a conversation.

Apropos of nothing, he offered me…

How to be easy on yourself, and stay out of trouble.

In an ideal world, breakups would be a “conscious uncoupling” during which all parties would lovingly, gently say their goodbyes and offer well wishes to their now ex-partner.

In my world, breakups have not gone so smoothly. Issues which have prevented conscious uncoupling range from lying and cheating to mutual disappointment and resentment.

I recently ended a year long relationship, and quickly realized that coping was much easier during the work week. I love what I do and keep my schedule packed with client calls, mentoring sessions and other…

Survivor’s guilt and processing tragedy from afar.

On a recent episode of the Daily Show, Trevor Noah commented on the self-centered way in which Americans process international news. While discussing a story of an American woman and her guide who were kidnapped in Uganda, he made light of our narcissistic inclination to relate tragedies back to ourselves. “I’m American, that could be me!”

I was confused by my initial reaction upon hearing news of the April 2019 terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka, which left over 350 dead and another 500 wounded.

I felt heartbroken and chills ran through my body…

Vivien Grace

Writer, Empath, People Watcher

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