The Rule of 4s for Healthy and Efficient Weekday Meals

I lost 30 pounds a few years ago after a lifelong struggle with weight, body image, and hunger anxiety by following the same routine every Sunday.

Photo Cred Vivien Grace

I don’t subscribe to any dietary labels such as “keto,” gluten-free, vegan, etc. I…

I was accused of a hate crime and arrested because of how I look.

Outspoken celebrities, political pundits, and YouTube bloggers have built profitable public personas which create a perception that Caucasian blonde women are likely to be racist.

A few highlights (or lowlights) include:

Ann Coulter, an outspoken pundit…

Survivor’s guilt and processing tragedy from afar.

On a recent episode of the Daily Show, Trevor Noah commented on the self-centered way in which Americans process international news. While discussing a story of an American woman and her guide who were kidnapped in Uganda, he made light of our narcissistic…

Vivien Grace

Writer, Empath, People Watcher

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